Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming

Getting access to hearing aids for the first time is a very involved process. This applies to first time wearers, and long-time users of hearing devices. A Hearing Aid Place makes the fitting and programming appointment comfortable, and easy to understand. Any concerns about using hearing devices are answered during the meeting. Instead of feeling isolated, patients get a familiar sense of accomplishment with their new hearing aids. 

The fitting process

Once patients select their favorite hearing device, it is sent off for programming. The programming is based off of the results of previous testing and evaluation. When patients arrive for the fitting, they receive a hearing aid that is specifically set up to meet their hearing needs. 

New users that are nervous about the appointment can bring along a friend or loved one for support. It also helps to hear a familiar voice when fine-tuning the device for optimization, sound and comfort. During the fitting, the hearing instrument specialist will ask and answer all questions related to using the hearing aid. 

Live speech mapping

Live speech mapping is the technology used to finalize hearing aids. It allows the hearing instrument specialist to get a visual representation of what the patient is hearing. When handled correctly, live speech mapping optimizes hearing aids and minimizes reprogramming appointments. 

Finding the right settings for a device is much more involved than a few beeps through the mic. Live speech mapping is considered one of the best methods of hearing aid verification. Seeing the immediate results of new hearing aids on a screen improves the wearer experience. 

Finding a safe space

Nervousness during the fitting is a normal reaction for patients. It helps to have a basic understanding of the hardware before committing to its daily use. Hearing instrument specialists can help users become familiar with the most common device features. This lifeline continues to be available after the fitting and includes several online and offline resources. 

Users should always feel in sync with their hearing aids, even when customizing advanced features. Hearing devices are much more versatile when paired with optional accessories. It’s an extra layer of comfort provided as needed, and a low-cost way to keep the individual hearing experience comfortable.