Hearing Aids

Variety plays an important role when choosing hearing devices and their accessories. Consumers get the product they want, packed with prioritized features. The Hearing Aid Place provides recommendations from some of the top brands in the industry. Trial runs are possible for select products based on availability.

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    Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids

    Wireless freedom changes how consumers interact with the environment. Bluetooth enabled hearing aids are a trouble-free way to make this technology possible. Wireless connectivity has tremendous range, and can stay connected even when in a different room.

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    CaptionCall manufactures home phones with caption technology. A large screen with customizable text displays phone conversations in real time. The service works in any home, and is the perfect companion for the hearing impaired.

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    Cell Phone Accessories

    Hearing aid enabled smartphones are not limited by their original hardware. Compatibility with hearing aids and accessories can extend the usefulness of all smartphones. This includes adding Bluetooth functions, one of the premiere features of modern hearing devices.

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    Electronic Shooters Protection

    Since 1994, ESP has served hunters and shooters by providing the original, custom-fit, in-the-ear hearing protection. ESP electronic hearing protectors and earplugs are custom-molded to your ears for a precise, comfortable fit.

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  • Hearing Aid Batteries

    As hearing devices become more complex, their features demand efficient batteries. Zinc-air and rechargeable types are still the best for the most common hearing devices on the market. The Hearing Aid Place keeps the most commonly used batteries in stock for patients that need to top up. It never hurts to think ahead by having […]

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  • Hearing Aid Styles

    Comfort plays a major role in the long-term usability of a hearing aid. Styles range from visible to invisible, and from big to small. Every hearing device will have a choice of styles that work best with its listed features.

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  • Hearing Protection

    Earmuffs, earmolds and earplugs are a few of the different types of hearing protection available. Specialized hearing protection introduces better features for professionals, hobbyists and industrial workers. With the right accessory, noised induced hearing loss is greatly reduced.

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    Oticon Hearing Products

    Changing technology in the hearing industry has made Oticon Hearing Products one of its prominent leaders. They are a customer focused company with several awards to back up that claim. Products from the company’s catalog cover consumer, professional and government needs.

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    Phonak Hearing Products

    Founded in 1947, Phonak Hearing Products is one of the most reliable companies in the business. Their products have pure, focused sound with an ever-growing list of features. When Phonak hearing aids are personalized, the user gets a much better experience.

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    Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    Rechargeable hearing aids provides convenience for users that are tired of changing batteries. The rechargeable feature is an incentive for new device wearers to buy modern hearing aids. Built-in rechargeable batteries can be recharged hundreds of times without losing efficiency.

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    ReSound Hearing Products

    ReSound Hearing Products can be found in more than 100 countries. Their technology blends seamlessly with smartphones to provide a perfect all in one experience. When ReSound hardware and software are in sync, it is unlike any other hearing device on the market.

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  • manufacturer signia

    Signia Hearing Products

    Every individual has a different way to interact with sound. Signia Hearing Products takes it to the next level with their modern hearing devices. All products are state of the art, and provide a unique experience when worn.

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    Starkey Hearing Aids

    Starkey Hearing Aids puts effort into making their products blend into normal lifestyle routines. Their catalog continues to grow as they add more leading tech hearing devices. Consumers that want a wide variety of choices can’t go wrong with a Starkey product.

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    Unitron Flex:trial

    Hearing solutions are plentiful, and can often lead to rushed decisions. The Unitron Flex trial aims to impress consumers before they fully commit to the product. This try before you buy program goes beyond traditional hearing trials, and can help buyers that are on the fence about a purchase.

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    Unitron Hearing Aids

    Unitron is a US-based company found in 1952 by Lawrence A. Fine. Their platform has revolutionized the way consumers view hearing health and associated products. As a 2020 Red Dot winner, their philosophy remains strong throughout a growing product line.

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    Widex Hearing Aids

    As a brand, Widex Hearing Aids is considered one of the biggest names in the business. They are the sixth largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world, with a continual growth in multiple sectors. Better hearing starts with Widex Hearing Aids and their associated products.

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