Hearing Services

Getting the right hearing care is an important part of staying healthy. The Hearing Aid Place looks after the needs of children, adults and seniors. Finding the answer to health issues relies on intelligent testing practices to diagnose the problem. By getting the correct diagnosis, individuals can resume their normal day to day activities.

  • Hearing Aid Evaluation

    The evaluation for hearing aids determines which hearing aid models will work best for the wearer. Sometimes multiple hearing aids are mentioned as a possible candidate based on availability. If a trial period is available, it is discussed during the evaluation. This allows wearers to get used to the recommended device before committing to a purchase.

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  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming

    When the device is fully programmed, the hearing aid fitting and programming appointment gets a date. Live speech mapping is the technology used to ensure a comfortable transition for new wearers. Questions about comfort, maintenance and lifestyle help users to better identify with the advanced features of the device. Patients are encouraged to voice any concerns about device operation to hearing instrument specialists in attendance.

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  • Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

    As an investment, hearing devices require normal care and maintenance. Wearers can optimize the quality of their devices by practicing weekly cleaning routines. Normal breakage problems can be traced to mic blockage, or battery problems. When the damage is above the technical level of the user, in office repair is an available service. If the repair is too advanced, the device is sent off to the manufacturer for a full repair.

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  • Hearing Evaluation

    A hearing evaluation determines the amount of hearing loss in one or both ears. Using a patient’s previous case history, the hearing instrument specialist will cater the tests for the individual’s needs. To ensure accuracy, no two hearing tests are the same.

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  • Industrial Hearing Screening

    Long-term exposure to environmental noise is one of the main causes of hearing loss. Even in a work setting where hearing protection is mandatory, the loss can be significant. Industrial hearing screenings is part of a larger program to evaluate employees for hearing loss. A positive result comes with an expectation to do a follow-up appointment with a hearing instrument specialist.

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  • Remote Hearing Care

    Remote hearing care is a program designed to bring audiological services to consumers without contact. Using the phone or internet, important hearing services are handled by hearing instrument specialists. This is not a full replacement for normal programs, but serves as an alternative to respect current COVID restrictions.

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