How To Use Your Hearing Aid Controls Correctly

hand adjusting the controls of a hearing aid device

If you have noticed that your ability to hear has reduced, you may want to visit a hearing instrument specialist (HIS) to get your hearing evaluated. A hearing evaluation will assess your hearing and identify any hearing loss you may be experiencing. After the assessment, your HIS may recommend that you use hearing aids to improve your hearing ability. Having hearing aids can make a vast difference to your quality of life and enable you to hear many everyday sounds that you may have missed without even realizing. 

Having hearing aids fitted by a HIS has many benefits but getting hearing aids for the first time can take a little bit of getting used to. You may be wondering how you should take care of your hearing aids, how to change the batteries and also how to operate the hearing aid controls. Your HIS will be able to help you with all of these questions.

Your HIS will invite you in for a hearing aid fitting consultation to help ensure that your hearing aids perfectly suit your needs and are comfortable to wear. This fitting session provides you with lots of helpful information about your hearing aids and how to use them. The HIS will check the fit of your hearing aids to ensure that they are comfortable and will also adjust the controls of your hearing aids, so they deliver the best performance.

To adjust your hearing aids to the perfect settings, your HIS will test the volume and make adjustments until you are able to hear sounds and voices clearly and at a comfortable level.

During the fitting, it is likely that the HIS will make all the adjustments for you. However, you could find it helpful to watch carefully and make notes if needed so that you know how to operate the hearing aid controls when you are at home. Knowing how to adjust your hearing aids can help you to feel far more confident about wearing them for the first time and will also help ensure that you get the most benefit from wearing them.

Once you know how to use the hearing aid controls, you will be able to adjust them to suit your needs in different situations. You may also find that you need to re-adjust the hearing aids once you have grown more used to wearing them, as you may prefer them in a different setting.

Hearing aid controls

There are many different styles of hearing aid available, so understanding the controls and features of your hearing aids is vital. The controls on a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid will be considerably different from an in-the-ear (ITE) and in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid model.

Power button

Knowing how to turn your hearing aids on and off is the first control to learn. Many hearing aids have a basic on/off switch for you to push. But some models may need you to open the battery door to turn the hearing aids off.

Adjusting the volume

Some hearing aids have an automatic volume control, while others require the volume to be adjusted manually using a rocker switch. You may find it easier to have hearing aids that allow both an automatic or default volume with the option to override the volume manually. This allows you a greater level of control over your hearing aids and the ability to adjust the volume to suit where you are and what you are doing. 

Changing the program

Your hearing aids are likely to have a program control that enables you to switch between different programs to suit the situation. You may have a directional microphone function that you can use to hear sound from a particular direction and you may have a loop setting that allows you to connect to the loop systems used in public buildings such as theatres or the bank. 

As well as operating these manual controls on the hearing aid itself, your hearing aid may also be compatible with a remote control or even an app on your smartphone. These options allow you even greater control over your hearing aids to provide a customized approach to your hearing.

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