Can Hearing Aids Be Reused?

woman holding a hearing aid

When you look at the price of hearing aids, you might wonder whether it’s cheaper to buy them second-hand. Alternatively, you might have an old pair of hearing aids that you no longer use, and you would like them to go to a good home. Perhaps you would like to know if hearing aids really can be reused or if it’s always best to buy them new.

The truth is that hearing aids are made to fit the individual wearer. Hearing aids that fit inside the outer ear bowl or canal are molded to fit the wearer. This makes them comfortable to wear and also helps to make them more effective. Hearing aids are also programmed to match the wearer’s specific needs, although they can be reprogrammed if necessary.

Reusing a hearing aid is possible, but it’s unlikely to give you the experience that you deserve. It could fit uncomfortably, unless you get it refitted, and you’ll have to have it reprogrammed to fit your hearing needs too. Even with all of these steps, the device may be outdated and incapable of meeting your needs, or simply not compatible with your requirements.

Finding the Right Hearing Aids for You

One reason it’s best to get new hearing aids is that you can get the right advice and fitting from a hearing instrument specialist. You might be able to find used hearing aids, but they might not be the best type for you. Your hearing instrument specialist can help you to explore the different options available to you and choose the right style.

Some hearing aid types are better for some types or levels of hearing loss. You should choose a hearing aid style that works for you and can be programmed for your prescription. When you buy new hearing aids, you also get the chance to explore a range of different features that will allow you to do lots of things with your hearing aids. You’ll be able to customize your hearing aids to get the best pair for you.

Fitting Hearing Aids

Once you have chosen the hearing aids that you want, they need to be fitted. Several types of hearing aids need to have a piece molded to fit your ear or ear canal for a comfortable fit. This needs to be done before you can have them fitted and tested to ensure they work for you. Your hearing instrument specialist will get your hearing aids made for you, then will conduct a fitting to fit and program them correctly.

A hearing aid needs to be fitted perfectly to your ear so that it can provide sound without interference. It also needs to provide a comfortable fit so that you don’t experience any pain or discomfort. To get the right fit for new hearing aids, you will have a fitting appointment to check that they work for you. A follow-up appointment is also a good idea, giving you an opportunity to make any adjustments or raise potential issues with the fit of your hearing aids. Anytime you feel like your hearing aids might not fit as well as they should, you can attend a fitting to get them adjusted.

What Should You Do with Old Hearing Aids

What about when you no longer use old hearing aids? If you have new hearing aids, you may not want to throw away your old pair. Some people will keep their old ones as a backup, just in case their current pair breaks, is lost, or needs to be cleaned or repaired. You can also choose to recycle or donate your hearing aids. This can sometimes be done by returning them to the provider or looking for a hospital or charity.

Hearing aids can technically be reused, but that isn’t necessarily the best option. If you want to be able to get the best from your hearing aids, it’s usually better to get new ones. They can be made to fit you and programmed to meet your needs. It can even work out more affordable to get new hearing aids, rather than have to adjust used ones. However, if you want to be responsible with a pair of old hearing aids, you can find options for donating or recycling them so that they don’t go to waste.

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