woman holding a hearing aid

Can Hearing Aids Be Reused?

When you look at the price of hearing aids, you might wonder whether it’s cheaper to buy them second-hand. Alternatively, you might have an old pair of hearing aids that you no longer use, and you would like them to go to a good home. Perhaps you would like to know if hearing aids really […]

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3 Things to Ask Your Hearing Aid Dispenser about Hearing Aids

Hearing aid dispensers help with the selection and fitting of hearing aids. When you see your hearing instrument specialist (HIS), they can provide advice and help you to make sure you get hearing aids that work for you. If you have hearing loss and have been recommended that you wear hearing aids, you can take […]

Doctor inserting hearing aid on elderly woman's ear

The 4 Most Frequent Mistakes Made by New Hearing Aid Owners

If you recently purchased hearing aids, being excited about your new purchase is customary. However, it can be not easy to know how best to care for them and use them correctly. This article will help guide you through the four most common mistakes made by people who are new to using hearing aids. Who […]

hand holding a blue bte hearing aid

Is A Bluetooth Hearing Aid Worth It?

A hearing aid is a very important device to those who use them. Providing the ability to hear the world around you properly, this type of medical tool can change the life of someone who has experienced hearing loss. Of course, though, it can be hard to know whether you need the advanced features that […]

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Does Health Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

If you have recently found that you are experiencing hearing loss, then you might be wondering what your next step should be. First, it’s important to make sure that you speak to a hearing instrument specialist. They will be able to provide you with the right support and recommend the type of hearing aids that […]

hand adjusting the controls of a hearing aid device

How To Use Your Hearing Aid Controls Correctly

If you have noticed that your ability to hear has reduced, you may want to visit a hearing instrument specialist (HIS) to get your hearing evaluated. A hearing evaluation will assess your hearing and identify any hearing loss you may be experiencing. After the assessment, your HIS may recommend that you use hearing aids to […]

an audiologist showing her patient new in the canal hearing aids

What is the Best Hearing Aid for First Time Users?

If you are choosing a hearing aid for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by the different options out there. There are many hearing aids for people today, and your hearing instrument specialist can help you to narrow down your search effectively.  The first thing that you need to take into account when choosing […]

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Which Are the Most Popular Types of Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids come in a variety of different sizes and shapes; however, the right one for you is going to depend on your level of hearing loss, budget, lifestyle and aesthetic needs.  Your hearing instrument specialist is going to help you find the best suit for your level of hearing loss. They will look at […]