Is A Bluetooth Hearing Aid Worth It?

hand holding a blue bte hearing aid

A hearing aid is a very important device to those who use them. Providing the ability to hear the world around you properly, this type of medical tool can change the life of someone who has experienced hearing loss. Of course, though, it can be hard to know whether you need the advanced features that are offered with modern hearing aids. There are plenty of options available on today’s market, but do you really need features like Bluetooth to use your hearing aid? Let’s find out.

What Is a Bluetooth Hearing Aid?

Before looking at what makes a Bluetooth hearing aid good, it makes sense to explore what this device is. Bluetooth is a wireless connection technology that uses radio waves to transmit data. This technology is found in devices like headphones, computer mice and a host of other gadgets that need to send data through the air over short distances.

For a hearing aid, Bluetooth allows the device to connect to phones, computers and other electronics to provide benefits that standard hearing aids usually struggle with. Thanks to the low frequency of Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry about any negative health effects from having it close to your body.

The Benefits of a Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Bluetooth hearing aids come with a lot of different benefits. It’s always worth considering all of these, even if you think that you won’t use them. It can be much easier to enjoy entertainment, socialization and other aspects of life when you have access to Bluetooth functionality in your hearing aid.

Phone Calls

Traditional hearing aids can struggle with phone calls, especially on cellular devices. The way that a hearing aid works can cause feedback when close to devices like this, causing unpleasant noises that can hurt the ears of the user.

Bluetooth allows you to connect your hearing aid directly to your smartphone, using it as both the microphone and speaker during conversations. This can make it much easier to talk to the people you care about, and this makes Bluetooth hearing aids well worth it for most people.

Music & Television

Enjoying modern entertainment can be a challenge with a hearing aid, with televisions and speakers struggling to produce a sound that works well with hearing aids. This can make life quite dull, especially for older hearing aid users who have to spend a lot of their time indoors.

Bluetooth can solve this problem, allowing you to connect to devices like your TV and speakers to enable you to enjoy the entertainment you love. This is great for those who want to be able to watch movies and shows without having to use subtitles to get through them.

Hearing Aid Control

Controlling a hearing aid is usually done with small buttons and dials found on the device itself. While this can work, it can also be very fiddly and this makes it hard for people to use them properly.

Bluetooth allows you to connect your hearing aid to your smartphone, and you can use an app to control the settings that you find inside the device. This can give you access to far more control, as you will not be restricted by the limited button space found on hearing aids. 

Seeing a Hearing Instrument Specialist

Getting a hearing aid isn’t as simple as ordering one online. You need a professional to examine your hearing to get the best results, and this means that you will need to find someone with the right skills to prepare and set up your hearing aid.

A hearing instrument specialist can give you the help and support you need when you’re going through this process. There are loads of options available on the modern market, and you can often get great results when you find a professional who works for you.

As you can see, Bluetooth hearing aids come with a lot of different benefits. Not everyone will be able to take advantage of them, but it is likely that you will be able to benefit from at least one of the positive aspects of a Bluetooth hearing aid. It’s always worth getting help and support when you’re looking for a device like this.

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